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Trees of Bangalore

The Copper Pod Tree (Peltophorum pterocarpum) gets its name from the flat coppery pods which remain conspicous on the tree for many months. The tree has a dense umbrella - shaped canopy and abundant yellow crinkly flowers appear all through March to September. The flowers last for a short time and leave a pretty gold carpet on the ground when they shed.

Trees of Bangalore - Garden City says it with flowers

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky..." wrote poet Kahlil Gibran. Trees take little and give a lot. They are the heart,

the limbs, the veins and the lungs of the ecosystem. As if they didn't have enough roles to play, they are also responsible for

making every scene and scape beautiful. We are nothing without trees around us. Bangalore has always been known for its tree

cover, but the words Bangalore and trees can't be used in the same sentence without a 'sigh'. Thousands of trees have been felled

to make way for new roads and localities, the bane of a fast-developing city. However, for a brief time during January to May, the

very trees our people gladly chop down give us an opportunity to feast our eyes on them, when they spurt the most beautiful and