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World Sparrow Day

Look at the surprise the tree holds for us!

Where have all the sparrows gone?

March 20 is World Sparrow Day. Why a red-letter day in honor of a bird?

Look around – the once-common sparrows are now harder to see. And it’s not just in your neighborhood but the world over. No one agrees on exactly why sparrows have disappeared, but the most common reasons are thought to be changes in architectural styles of houses that no longer support nesting, lack of insect food for chicks due to increasing use of insecticides, and pollution from microwave towers.

Yahoo! contributor THARANGINI, a web designer with a penchant for photography and a great love for nature, believes that we must first make room for sparrows in our hearts. The rest will follow.

Enjoy this poignant photo-essay and don't forget to make room in your home and heart for the humble house sparrow.