Pics of Huge Bats From Philippines Are Going Viral on Twitter, Know More About Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

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    It may look fearsome but the megabat is harmless. It feeds on fruits and nectar. Hanging upside down from a tree, it wraps its leathery wings around its body, leaving exposed the small face that resembles a fox's. With its feeding habits, the flying fox plays an essential role in the maintenance of the Philippine forest ecosystem, earning the species the moniker "the silent planters."
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    "Twitter user Alex (@AlexJoestar622) posted two pics on his feed about these giant birds found in Phillippines. Someone else also posted a few other pictures of these giant birds in comments. In these pictures, the birds sure look intimidating,.." when did a bat became a bird? haha
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    Beautiful! Lets hope they survive so the next generation can appreciate a real live one rather than just seeing pictures of a once magnificent bat. In Thailand, bats are tourist attraction and are protected
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    Bats are NOT birds.
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    Basilio T.
    Count Dracula's lovely pets.
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    Hope their cousins, Batman and Robin can save them from extinction.
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    If you can't handle these wildlife, don't hunt/disturb them from their natural habitat. pls report to nearest DENR office
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    Don't show them to Chinese pogo, they will eat them.
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    just d
    Lots of Filipino bats here too! Can they fly back home?
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    assuming the wood where it's perched on is just half an inch thick, the bat would be just over a foot long, as big as an ordinary street cat