(In Pics) myHQ turns your everyday coffee space into a co-working space

Sainul Abudheen

By curating and taking up non-peak/excess real-estate inventory lying inside cafes, restaurants, hotels, and offices, myHQ is establishing a chain of work-friendly and rent-free workspaces

Co-working has become a definite trend across the world. Instead of building or setting up own offices, startups and even large enterprises are now turning to co-working spaces in order to save money and time, and also to break the monotony and confines of cubicles.

The change is visible in India as well. An emerging economy with tens of thousands of startups, India saw hundreds of co-working spaces emerge in every city.

For startups and early-stage companies, co-working space is the best option as most of them are bootstrapped and don’t have large dollars to spend on palatial offices. As the demand for co-working space grew, individuals and even real estate developers have started converting their office spaces/projects into co-working spaces.

Apart from Bangalore and Mumbai to a certain extent, Delhi-NCR recently saw mushrooming of work spaces. Some of them are already popular and have raised funding.

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myHQ is one such co-working space, which curates and take up non-peak/excess real-estate inventory lying inside the beautifully-designed cafes, restaurants, hotels, and offices to establish a chain of work-friendly, rent-free workspaces.

Given the many advantages that such spaces offer — such as cost-efficiency, employee motivation and retention, increased productivity — this segment is gradually moving into a boom mode across India.

myHQ, founded by IIT Delhi graduates Utkarsh Kawatra and Vinayak Agrawal, believes in providing an excellent work experience at a space near you. In order to achieve the same, it is investing strongly in technology which helps convert these everyday coffee spaces into a perfect work station with just a tap of a button on the myHQ App.

myHQ’s target audience is an equal split between entrepreneurs/independent freelancers and mobile corporate professionals.

There is a growing market of independent freelancers, satellite corporate teams, sales teams and upcoming entrepreneurs. To cater to this, work from home is highly unproductive and co-working spaces are limited, not well maintained and expensive.

myHQ comes as a sustainable and convenient solution that allows individuals to book work-friendly spaces on the go and be surrounded by a community of like-minded professionals.

Currently, myHQ is present across 15-plus locations in NCR. Customers can work out of any of these spaces with a single myHQ pass. Each space is equipped with essentials such as high-speed WiFi, discounted F&B plans, free printing and access to all other office basics.

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Within seven months of its inception, myHQ is already supporting a 350-plus vibrant community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.

Kawatra (CEO) earlier co-founded BloodConnect (bloodconnect.org), a youth-run initiative in the field of blood donation, which is present in 10-plus cities, with a team of over 200 people. Prior to this, he was an investment analyst with Helion Ventures, where he evaluated B2C startups for investments. He did under graduation from IIT Delhi in Mathematics and Computing.

Agrawal (CTO) worked in Quant and Algorithmic trading at Goldman Sachs. He did his under graduation from IIT-Delhi in Electrical Engineering.

Image Credit: myHQ

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