Pictured: Hero who caught little girl thrown from ninth floor of Grenfell Tower

This is the moment a heroic man cradles the four-year-old daughter of his neighbour after safely catching her when she was thrown 50ft from the burning Grenfell Tower.

The man, known only as Pat, caught the little girl after her mother dropped her from the fifth floor as the inferno tore through the 24-storey building.

Witness Kadelia Wood described how the mother was screaming for help out of the window.

Pat then stood below and urged the mum to drop her young daughter out of the window.

She said: ‘The mum was screaming and the fire was raging like crazy.’

‘Pat was calling: ‘Drop her, I’ll catch her’.

‘The mum was screaming: ‘No, no, I can’t!’

‘Pat kept reassuring her and then the girl dropped.

‘Everyone’s hearts stopped but Pat managed to catch her like a rugby ball tucked into his chest.’

The girl was treated by paramedics. She is one of three children believed to have survived the blaze after being dropped from windows.

One baby is said to have survived after being dropped from the ninth floor into the arms of a stranger.

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The death toll currently stands at 30 and is expected to rise, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cindy said: ‘Sadly we always knew the number of those who died would increase.

‘I’m able to say in this point in time we know that at least 30 people have died as a result of this fire.

‘Sadly and tragically that includes one person who was taken to hospital and, despite the very best medical care from the NHS, has now sadly died.’