Pierce Brosnan Praises Roger Moore: ‘He Is the Only Actor I Ever Asked for an Autograph’

The small brotherhood of actors who’ve played James Bond shrunk by one last week when Sir Roger Moore died on May 23 at the age of 89.

Pierce Brosnan, who played the debonair spy in four films before handing off duties to Daniel Craig, recently remembered Moore’s legacy in an article for Variety.

Brosnan wrote, “He reigned over seven movies as James Bond with exceptional skill and comic timing laced with a stiletto vengeance.”

But long before Brosnan took on the 007 mantle, he was just another fan. He recalled, “[Roger Moore] is the only actor I ever asked for an autograph. I was 12 years old. … I lined up by the Ferris wheel and waited my turn to get his autograph. I wanted to be somebody like him. … Little did I know my time would come to someday enter onto the stage as 007.”

As an adult, Brosnan’s and Moore’s paths crossed again — although indirectly. Brosnan’s late wife, Cassandra Harris, was a Bond girl. As Countess Lisl von Schlaf, she seduced the spy, played by Moore, in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only.

Brosnan was briefly on set for the film and said, “By then Roger was the man — the world was at his feet. He was most gracious to the children and myself.”

Much later, after Brosnan took on the 007 role, Moore repaid the favor by visiting Brosnan on set during his debut as James Bond, a time when demanding fans were probably judging his every move.

Brosnan wrote, “Roger came down to set one day on GoldenEye and wished me well. I was still in awe of the man.”

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