Pierre Hardy: Beauty is fun

Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy believes beauty is "a game with your appearance".

The shoe designer has teamed up with make-up label Nars on a new range which includes nail polish and blusher.

The famous fashion mogul enjoys being playful with image and hopes to transfer this to the people who buy his products.

“I think that I’m working on beauty every day. It’s a different approach, a different way with different tools, with what I’m doing with the shoes, but I try to express the same feeling through the colour palette," he explained to Style.com.

"It’s a game with your appearance, with how you want to be one day and different another day. The beauty of fashion is we’re always reaching for something new, strong, different, and consistent, but we play with it. It’s a big challenge to do something real, interesting - something new with which you can recognise."

Pierre and the mastermind behind Nars, François Nars, are both known for loving colour and have injected fun into their collaboration with cute touches like packaging in the shape of shoe boxes.

The designer may put a lot of thought into his pieces, but keeps it simple in his own beauty regime.

“I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I’m a little bit lazy. I use a facial wash, body wash, and body cream. My body lotion is La Roche-Posay. For my face, I use Crème de La Mer because it’s not too sticky," Pierre revealed.

"I used to wear the same [fragrance] all the time, but now I have three to four scents. One is Laurel by Commes des Garçons. I don’t like green citrus. I like heavy amber musks. I don’t like fresh - clean, but not fresh. [But] I’m not too picky. I hate men that are too metrosexual. It is not sexy or even charming.”

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