Pierre Hardy: Cosmetics seduced me

Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy collaborated with François Nars after being "seduced" by the make-up artist's cosmetics.

The shoe designer has teamed up with the famed make-up man on a new range which includes nail polish and blusher.

Pierre knows many will wonder if he had any transferable knowledge to use on the line given his career. He insists the business of designing shoes and creating cosmetics isn't that different.

"I’ve been seduced!” he laughed to British magazine Elle, which has a sneak peek of the collection in its May edition.

"I remember the first time I went to New York to the meeting [with François Nars] and all the products were spread out – the colour, the pencils, for me it was like an artist’s paint box. And that is what I love most. Beyond fashion, beyond accessories, I really love art and painting and creation – what you can do with it.

"It’s another field of fashion, it’s something that I never actually thought about before… but it’s complementary."

Both Pierre's shoes and the Nars brand of make-up are known for their use of colour. The men tried to bring some fun flourishes to their collaboration too, with the nail varnishes coming housed in mini shoe boxes.

Pierre didn't stray too far from what he knows when working on the line. He always thinks about colour and texture when creating shoes, just as he did when thinking of the polishes.

"I love twisted harmony and the not-so-obvious for nail colour," he said. "I really love the dark burgundy and the peach; I think they express femininity in two different ways. The peach is sweet and the other is darker."

The designer also took some time to discuss footwear in general. He won't name a style he thinks all women should own, insisting it is most important to go for a style which suits your life and wardrobe.

"First, look at what is right for your legs and what is right with this coat or whatever. In the moment you decide. Especially because now fashion is so open, there is no limit," he said.

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