Piers Morgan Marvels When Vivek Ramaswamy Says ‘With a Straight Face’ That He Wants Trump as an ‘Advisor’ (Video)

Vivek Ramaswamy has said he wouldn’t be interested in playing second fiddle to Donald Trump – but he’d be more than happy to have it the other way ’round.

Piers Morgan asked Ramaswamy on “Uncensored” how he expects to benefit from his continued support of the GOP front-runner. Ramaswamy responded by saying he still agreed with “90%” of Trump’s policies – but suggested that unlike Trump, he could reunite the nation, adding that he looks forward to “working with Donald Trump when, I hope, he’s my advisor and frankly my mentor in my first year in office.”

The fact that the 38-year-old entrepreneur from Ohio, who has been gaining traction as a potential challenger in the Republican primary, was able to say that without cracking up was not lost on the BBC host.

“You managed to say that you thought Donald Trump would be your advisor as president with a straight face there, Vivek,” Morgan said.

Without missing a beat, Ramaswamy began to defend Trump’s qualifications as an “advisor,” and if to not even acknowledge how ridiculous the idea of Trump reporting to Ramaswamy sounds on its face.

“I do – I think he’s somebody who has a lot of experience,” Ramaswamy said. “I don’t want to start with a standing start, I want to build on those four years of experience.”

“Just to explain,” Morgan said after some crosstalk, “I can see why you would want him as an advisor, [but] the idea of Trump playing second fiddle to anyone I think is highly unlikely.”

Ramaswamy couldn’t help but grin at that – so much for the straight face! – and then Morgan let him off the hook by asking how he expects to beat the Republican front-runner in a primary that, for now, is looking like a landslide for the former president. Ramaswamy suggested that his momentum speaks for itself.

“I’m now a solid second or third in nearly every major national poll that’s coming out and many people in this country didn’t even know who I was six months ago,” he said. “Most people couldn’t pronounce my name until two weeks ago, and so the fact of the matter is we’re on our way up.”

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