Piers Morgan reveals Katy Perry’s disturbing ‘nickname’ for Russell Brand

Piers Morgan claimed in his recent column that Katy Perry had a nickname for her ex-husband Russell Brand, who currently faces accusations of rape and sexual abuse.

A joint investigation released on the weekend by Channel 4, The Sunday Times and The Times alleged Brand, 48, had raped, sexually harassed and been abusive towards four women between 2006 and 2013.

Brand has vehemently denied the allegations made against him.

In his latest op-ed for The Sun published on Tuesday (19 September), Morgan, 58, recalled meeting Perry, 38, at a Vanity Fair party in Washington DC in 2013 – a year after her divorce from Brand.

It was here that Morgan claims Perry referred to her ex-husband as “Rasputin” – the infamous Russian mystic and holy man known for his influence over the Tsars and his storied sexual exploits.

Morgan claims Brand was “thrilled” when he found out the nickname given to him by his ex-wife. “Grigori Rasputin! He was a pretty powerful bloke, he could manipulate folks with his eyes,” Morgan said Brand told him. “I like Rasputin... he was all right, wasn’t he... a mad monk with magical, mystical powers, having it off with everyone, drinking and getting into fights.”

The Independent has contacted Perry’s and Brand’s representatives for comment.

Piers Morgan (left) and Katy Perry and Russell Brand (Getty Images)
Piers Morgan (left) and Katy Perry and Russell Brand (Getty Images)

Perry and Brand divorced after 14 months of marriage.

The “Fireworks” singer told Vogue in 2013 that she “felt a lot of responsibility for it ending, but then I found out the real truth, which I can’t necessarily disclose because I keep it locked in my safe for a rainy day. I let go and I was like: This isn’t because of me; this is beyond me. So I have moved on from that.”

Brand is currently married to author Laura Gallacher, the sister of Sky Sports broadcaster Kirsty. The couple have three children together.

Perry, meanwhile, has been engaged to actor Orlando Bloom since 2019, and the couple are parents to three-year-old daughter Daisy Dove.

Rape Crisis offers support for those affected by rape and sexual abuse. You can call them on 0808 802 9999 in England and Wales, 0808 801 0302 in Scotland, and 0800 0246 991 in Northern Ireland, or visit their website at www.rapecrisis.org.uk.If you are in the US, you can call Rainn on 800-656-HOPE (4673)