Pimple Nail Art: Deeply Disturbing Or Oddly Satisfying?

There are two types of people in this world: those who delight in the grotesque practice ofwatching pimples being popped, and those who should leave this page immediately. 

VloggerNatasha Lee, creator of typically quirky and beautiful nail art, is clearly camped in the former category. She shared a new tutorial for“Halloween exploding pimple nails”on her YouTube page Saturday. 

It is, as you can imagine, exactly what it sounds like. 

Lee uses a combination of base coat, nail strengthener, top coat and three different polish colors to recreate splotchy skin imperfections on her nails. The red bumps are unsightly enough on their own, but it’s the incredibly realistic, actually poppable blemish filled with hand cream that will simultaneously thrill and destroy you. 


On one hand, it satisfies any desire to pop pimples without damaging your face andrisking potential infection. On the other hand, it’s gross and totally unnecessary. 

Check out some, er, less stomach-churning tutorials onLee’s YouTube page


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