Pinhole camera discovered in handicapped toilet in NTU: report

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    over-imported, over populated. it comes with all sort of 'ingredients'.
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    Job done by FT?
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    Instead of using their creative energy for something positive..this is what we got from these top uni guys...what is happening to our Education system...
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    The dirties university
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    I remember a couple of years ago, reading that cameras had been found in Matalan and Lidl public toilets, somewhere in Kent. They were white, and resembled what might have been taken for an air freshener stuck on the tiles.That's personal data that I'm sure most people don't want to share.
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    Did they check finger prints ? Did they check the surveillance cameras ?
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    Fidel Catstro
    what does the picture have to do with the pinhole camera?
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    Wonder why our Universities got lot of perverts?....and these perverts after finishing their studies go out to work...imagine what they do especially when they are in high posts....!
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    Who cares? We only want money. This is what our garmen taught us
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    Increased in population, increased in crimes. Who do we owe this to? PAP! Always giving away free scholarships to FT criminals. PAP is importing criminals.