Pinoy News Reporter Fails that will Make You Forget About the News

Abu Poblete

Pinoy News Reporter Fails

that will Make You

Forget About the News

By Abu Poblete

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There was a time when nightly news programs would give us a rundown of the notable events of the day. These days it’s just mostly sensational, derivative stuff: a dash of murder, a bit of rape, the train broke down, our government officials and lawmakers saying something inappropriate, yadda yadda.

But there is entertainment to be had in watching live news reports: anything can happen–and it usually does happen. Now we’re sure these individuals are top-notch professionals, and these blunders can happen to anyone on a really bad day. Nonetheless, we are grateful for these clips. They offer much needed relief from the dire and depressing news we get on a daily basis.

So sit back, relax, and let our news reporters make you smile, for once.

Of course, we’re starting with this classic gem


Up to this day, the people are still dispersing.


Ang pinakamalaking hamon sa buhay ni Korina


Noli: “Nabulunan ho ng hamon si Korihihihi!”


Korina having a hard time with technology


Korina looks like my lola trying to figure out what a touch screen phone is. Baka mabulunan pa ‘to.


Doris Bigornia, making lemonade


One of those rare occasions when a news report turns into an Eat Bulaga episode.