New PKR Youth chief says never resorted to personal attacks during party election

Ida Nadirah Ibrahim
PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir and his deputy Hilman Idham pose for photos during the AMK Annual National Congress 2018 in Shah Alam November 16, 2018. — Picture by Shafwan Zaidon

SHAH ALAM, Nov 16 — Newly-elected PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasir said today he never resorted to personal attacks while campaigning during the party elections.

The Johor Baru MP said after the elections, the responsibility to lead the Youth wing did not only involve pleasing all parties, but also unifying party members.

“I see our responsibility as not only about being able to please everyone... we have to continue looking after the party based on our principles.

“For example, throughout my campaign, I never used personal attacks because Hilman is my friend. They are all my friends, but of course, there has been some impact because of the close fight,” he said, referring to newly elected Youth deputy chief Hilman Idham.

Akmal said there was no question of any faction being in control, because party members and leaders have a responsibility to move forward.

“If you were to ask whether I was satisfied with the party election, I was not. But now I am open to working together,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hilman said the wing has to look at the similarities that can unite party members, rather than harp on about differences.

He said the main objective of Youth members should be to form a strong wing.

“Our objective should be to make the Youth wing stronger and that is why I gave the assurance earlier.

“Do not ask who is in control as I have pledged my support to Akmal as the new Youth chief,” he said.

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