PKR Youth man who called for no-confidence vote against Anwar now says just a ‘suggestion’

Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
Last Saturday, Nazrin posted on his Facebook page a proposal for a no-confidence motion against Anwar as PKR president. ― Picture by Sayuti Zainudin

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 — Nazrin Idham Razali has admitted that his push for a no-confidence motion against PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at their party’s upcoming congress was only a “suggestion”.

The Lembah Pantai PKR Youth division leader also admitted he had not submitted his proposal for debate, adding that it is up to the other delegates to do so at their wing congress that starts Friday, news portal Malaysiakini reported today.

“The motion of a no-confidence vote against Anwar, we only suggested it. Up to the AMK leadership to bring it to the congress,” he was quoted as saying.

Nazrin’s admission confirms statements made by other PKR leaders that no such motion has ever been proposed.

The wing’s coordinating secretary Chua Wei Kiat previously said Nazrin’s remarks were just an attention-seeking ploy.

Chua, who chairs the committee for motions and debates for PKR Youth’s 2019 congress, called Nazrin’s remarks a “gimmick”, adding that no such motion has been submitted.

Last Saturday, Nazrin posted on his Facebook page a proposal for a no-confidence motion against Anwar as PKR president, following infighting within the ruling party as well as the expulsion of divisional leaders Zakaria Abdul Hamid, Muhamad Mizan Adli Mohd Nor and Mohd Ramly Ahmad as the youth wing’s permanent chairman and its deputy chairman respectively.

Nazrin had signed off the proposal through the public statement as the Lembah Pantai PKR Youth vice-chief, while also naming three other Lembah Pantai PKR Youth leaders as alleged co-signees.

PKR has since clarified, however, that no such motions were made by the division.

One of the individuals named by Nazrin had also said that his name was cited without his permission and consent.

The controversy over Nazrin’s statement is the latest in the days leading up to PKR’s national congress that will be held from December 5 to 8 in Melaka.

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