Planning To Invest? Expert Amne Suedi Guides Investment In Africa

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Female Entrepreneur and Investment Expert Amne Suedi guides to make the best potential of investment in Africa.

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Fuelled by a young, rapidly urbanizing population, Africa is one of the fastest-growing continents in the world. It is an ever-expanding hub of all industrial and commercial activities. So if you are planning to invest and expand your business operations globally, Africa is a place of opportunity and a real investment destination option.

As of today, understanding the increasingly complex regulatory and commercial frameworks of the African economy requires professional assistance and holistic guidance. With an expert by your side, you can make strategic business decisions that maximize efficiency and reduce the cost of operations investment in East Africa. You will also be able to effectively manage and mitigate legal and commercial risks.

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Meet Amne Suedi, an entrepreneur – with a diversified portfolio as a lawyer and investment expert for Africa. She is at the helm of a one-stop boutique advisory firm, Shikana Group that specializes in investments in East Africa and serves foreign investors from all over the world. Amne listens to what you want to achieve in Africa and advises on the best solutions that are workable and compliant with the markets you want to enter into, or are already operating in. She started the business as a way to showcase the different sides of Africa but also to ensure that investments really do make an impact.

Mission To Change The Perception & Narrative

For Amne Suedi, Africa is home - full of success stories, and unlocked potential. Ironically, the continent is often regarded as a place stricken by poverty. The people of Africa are strong and deserve progress and poverty alleviation. The continent has over 50 percent of youth and they deserve better than what the rest of the world thinks they do.

After staying in Switzerland, Amne saw how Europe would talk about Africa as a place with no progress, illnesses and poverty struck. The belief was to just provide aid to the people of the country. As a legal financial and corporate governance expert, Amne decided to come

to Africa and tell a different story. One of investments, wealth development and people development and attract investments from all over the world into Africa. She believes that poverty will end in Africa only through investing in sustainable ventures that create jobs and impact lives. So, there is a need to get more foreign private capital that can be channelled in the right place and right projects to develop the people and the private sector at large.

Today, Amne helps foreign investors, international organizations, multinational companies, and even SMEs to invest in Africa. Equally, she invests herself and creates jobs in Africa so she leads by example.

Investment Advisory In Africa - Lead Agent For Change!

Amne is someone who understands the western world having grown up in Switzerland, and is passionate about Africa. She has one dream - to be the bridge for better partnerships and a future between the west, east and Africa. Amne hopes to continue to inspire people to invest their money in Africa’s frontier markets where so much impact and transformation can be made. In the near future, Amne also has a new jewellery and gemstone business called 'Zambarau'. They are also planning to invest in the technology education space.

If you are looking to get your business ideas invested by Amne, ensure to build a developing and promising product/service. Amne and her team can help you with identifying and executing suitable market entry strategies, business setup and licencing, structuring joint venture agreements, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments and much more. She can equally be your partner as you invest and expand in Africa.

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