While playing a character based on Hillary Clinton, Emma Thompson turned down Donald Trump

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Actress Emma Thompson visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and discussed the time Donald Trump offered to make her dating life great again. Yep, Thompson is on the long list of actresses who were unwilling to go out with the self-proclaimed very stable genius.

She was on the set of the 1998 film Primary Colors when Trump reached out to her. She thought it was especially weird because he called her on her trailer phone, which she had never used — she didn’t even know the number.

Colbert found is interesting that it was while Thompson was shooting Primary Colors, because her character was based on Hillary Clinton. “So this whole last election could have been like a weird fatal attraction situation,” he joked.

While Thompson was very happy with her decision to deny the future U.S. president, she sometimes wonders what it would be like to be married to a very stable genius who hires only the best people. She ended the topic saying, “Just think of the position I could be in now.”

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