PlayStation 5 Pro release date, features and more after online leak

The PlayStation 5 Pro may launch towards the year-end, as Insider-Gaming reported just a few days ago (PlayStation)
The PlayStation 5 Pro may launch towards the year-end, as Insider-Gaming reported just a few days ago (PlayStation)

Fresh information on the rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro console has been leaked, suggesting it will have around 45 per cent more gaming power than today’s PlayStation 5.

YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead first posted this information after accessing documents distributed among PlayStation development partners. If a PlayStation 5 Pro is coming, the folks making games for it need to know what it can do.

The big change is in the GPU, the graphics processor. The Pro is also expected to use the same core CPU processor as the current console — but with a boosted mode that adds up to an extra 10 per cent power when needed.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro has an internal codename of Trinity, but it’s unlikely to be used once the console is available. The PlayStation 4 Pro’s codename was “Neo” for example. Perhaps someone at Sony PlayStation is really into The Matrix.

The console has faster system memory too, able to ferry data at 576 GB/s, a 28 per cent increase from the 448GB/s of today’s PlayStation 5.

What will this mean for actual games? We are likely to see significant increases in the use of ray tracing in games, and sharper, cleaner-looking visuals.

Ray tracing is a relatively recent technique in games, where the behaviour of light is modelled to create more realistic reflections, shadows and lighting effects. It can look spectacular, but requires a lot of computing power.

Increased GPU power will also let the PlayStation 5 Pro render games at higher resolutions. However, what we see when the console comes out will be guided by PSSR. This stands for PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution. It’s a proprietary upscaling technology that uses machine learning to make lower-resolution graphics look higher-res.

This concept is common and available in AMD’s FSR 2, Nvidia’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS. But a custom Sony take on the tech could give the PlayStation 5 yet more leverage over Microsoft’s Xbox series.

The PlayStation 5 Pro leak also suggests the system will have 67 teraflops of graphics power. While meaningless to most, this figure is much higher than the 12 teraflops of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

While the figures are not directly comparable, even after halving this to 33.5 teraflops to bring them to the same 32-bit ballpark, a dramatic performance increase is likely.

PlayStation 5 Pro release date

The PlayStation 5 Pro may launch towards the year-end, as Insider-Gaming reported just a few days ago. You can expect to pay more for it than the current PlayStation 5, however.

During an investor call in February, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Hiroki Totoki said it would be “very difficult” to cut the price of the current console. In previous generations, Sony reduced the cost of manufacturing the system as the generation progressed. This time around? Not so much.