PM Lee Hsien Loong: Shares siblings’ wish not to carry on dispute in public

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    Wow, according to LHY/LWL, their brother never invited them to family reunion - being the senior member (eldest son in a Chinese tradition) of the family after LKY's death. How low is that for a PM/garmen that keeps saying that they are pro-family - talk one way, actual action is the opposite? No wonder our TFR never improve, despite throwing money at the problem and rotating many deadwood ministers into & out to "solve" the population issue. Any ministerial committee looking into this issue, or still a secret one because no results so must hide under a rock? Is JT still the "point-person" on the TFR issue? How is the "small space" solution coming along?
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    [“They wanted me to call off my Ministerial Statement and the debate in Parliament, disband the Ministerial Committee, and not respond to their accusations. I could not agree to do any of that. It would have been improper and irresponsible,” he said.]


    What are you waiting for? For your son to reach 35 yo, THEN GIVE YOUR SEAT TO HIM IS IT?
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    They also called you a downright liar. A lousy example and con man.

    There are just so much that is wrong here and just saying what LHL has said and as if its ok is delusional. The damage is so bad its unimaginable to LHL. Now a side benefit we also see his "gang" who will also be condemn together. They include TCH, IR, LW and Sham. I bet they too will disappear from their key appointment in the next elections.
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    “We privately offered a ceasefire shortly after our statement of 14 June 2017. Our attempts at reconciliation were rebuffed. We therefore welcome Hsien Loong’s stated desire on 4 July 2017 to manage his disagreement with us in private.”
    It was LHL who wanted to settle in private and his siblings accepted the offer.
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    Lets give pause and explain the current situation and also make explicit some reasoning, which I'm sure intelligent people such as the siblings have already figured it out, or at least understood the far-reaching implications when they fired the 1st salvo on 14th June.

    Look...the only way Humpty Dumpty can be put back is to do Time Travel. LOL. The siblings know it. Clown Prince knows it and most people knows it. This truce is only a short-term measure for everyone to digest all the recent “paRiahment” statements (and to show everyone they tried, and are magnanimous enough to give him another chance? LOL). In fact, the siblings made it very clear they had extended their hands to the “dishonorable Son” before, but was “rebuffed”, and don’t forget behind the gesture of “reconciliation”, they have their implied defense loaded and ready with “much evidence we have yet to show”. Get the picture now? LOL.
    Without the need for any supporting evidence, we know that, they know the character of their eldest brother better than you and me or anyone else alive now. LOL.

    You think like last time small boys and girls quarrelling over toys? After tomorrow, everyone forget, they kiss and hug each other and still can call each other “gor gor” and “di di” ah? LOL. LHY said it well when he said the Rubicon has been crossed…. meaning there is NO turning back anymore, temporary ceasefire notwithstanding.

    One way to think of it is to organize the quarrel into 2 parts:
    a) The private house
    b) The “gabrament” system

    In any other democratic country with proper separation of powers and separation between the State interest and the ruling party, this kind of typical quarrels that has been happening for millennia, will be confined within (a). Not so in our monolithic LRD system with (a) and (b) mixed up. LOL.

    The innate problem with LRD is that our much-vaulted “strong-man” model has, over 50 contiguous years, conflated the State with the party and the Man himself, in one big Monolithic clusterF**k system. The entire enterprise is “integrated” vertically from the top with FamiLEE parachuted positions to cronies at the bottom grassroots level, and horizontally as well, across various Ministries, functions, “Gabrament Linked Corpses” and even many commercial entities so on and so forth. LOL.

    The strength of such a wide network of cross-relationships, husband-wife, brother-sister cross-holdings, and various incestuous power families inter-locking with each other means those with power is held tightly together in a superstructure of dependencies and mutual benefits (aka “natural Aristocracy”. LOL). Those not within this power network, are not “gabrament” scholars, or not have husbands/wives to introduce them into the network (e.g. Ms. Kate Spade via her husband LOL) can go join the Oppiees or cry in their little corners. So much for our “melitocratic” process which really just mostly depends on who’s sharing your bed. LOL.

    Naturally, the elder brother vested with all the powers of the “natural Aristocracy” took full advantage of this network, just as papa taught him. What do you expect, it is the only “natural” thing to do when you’re literally brought up in that kind of environment, right? LOL.

    If the Clown Prince had even a smidgen of wisdom, he would have forced some much needed changes to the LRD system during his 13 year tenure (especially when his old man was physically still around that no one dares object), and then this unfortunate saga would NOT have transpired because the siblings would have an outlet, and the “gabrament” can truly put some distance between itself and the “LEEgime”. LOL.

    Had LRD compartmentalized her little boat, Clown Prince would not even be able to force his siblings at every turn with his unfettered control and access. Had the siblings not been forced into a corner, don’t you think they would have preferred NOT to undo their papa’s handiwork? Now, I don’t think the siblings had intended to demolish the entire “gabrament” and they stated so, BUT the problem as described is that the whole monolithic block cannot be separated, so attacking one part invariably means attacking the entire body. Get it? LOL. They got no choice to inadvertently attack the “gabrament” machinery, otherwise they cannot get their rightful way with the house. Its simple if its separated, but complicated when everything and everyone is joined tightly together at the hips. LOL.

    If the siblings could safely demarcate the issues pertaining to the house ONLY, they certainly would have, but they couldn’t because all the "gabrament" dominoes are packed very near in the network, so just one little accidental bump somewhere and the whole chain reaction starts, right? LOL. For example, if someone in FamiLEE wanted to whistleblow about some issue to some “gabrament” dept. but wants to keep a low profile, it is near impossible in such a system, because that office holder being part of the famiLEE will activate the network and since this uncle knows that brother or wife in this or that high office…very soon, your secret is known throughout the whole island liao, and you can be sure someone will have the power to turn the entire machinery against you, right? So, how to whistleblow quietly in such a monolithic system? LOL. So, you understand why the siblings had to do what they had to do now? I doubt they are so vengeful they want to demolish (a) with (b) together. They themselves have vested interest to see LRD as a happy home for themselves, it does not make sense for them to want to kick the entire House of Cards down and exile themselves in their old age, just because. Thus, the reasonable conclusion is that the vengeful one is the elder bro who has let all that unfettered power get to his head, so much so he crossed over to the Dark Side. LOL.

    Hence, in a strange twisted way, one can probably say the FamiLEE were both the creators and also the victim of their own system. LOL. Of course, if Clown Prince is found to be really abusing his office, it still doesn’t absolve his guilt in anyway.
    It does however, tells you LRD system is F’ked and needs to change asap. Without changing the system, another person stepping into the Captain’s shoes will face the same temptations, and end up with the same set of challenges and consequent disaster for LRD. LOL.

    In the final analysis, that is why a normally private house matter has been so intricately intertwined with so many “gabrament” depts., ministers, officials and of course their “inter-meddling” wives. LOL. If the siblings had been able to settle this privately, they would have wanted to, but even they as insiders couldn’t, precisely because their Papa through sheer force of will and intelligence, has made our system into just one monolithic ship without proper compartmentalization. Of course, it helps to have 70% “dafties” who allowed it to happen, partly because their stomachs are very full too. LOL. Point is, it may even had (past tense) been a “good” system when we were in the early stages of nation building, mass manufacturing, mass industrialization, mass education, mass housing and so forth. A ship with no separate compartments (i.e. no fail-safes) is lighter, can be faster and more efficient, PROVIDED you have a very able Captain at the helm to navigate the rocky seas. If the Captain is a dim-wit or even a mediocre bloke, then any small accident sinks the entire ship since there is no compartments to limit the damage. Its all or nothing with just one singular piece of hull. We see the weaknesses exposed over the last few weeks. LOL.

    Observe that other countries builds such insurance and backup systems and so even if some dim-wit is chosen as Captain and steers the ship onto reefs, at least it won’t sink immediately with a properly compartmentalized structure.
    Waiting for the next 2020+ event to make deep Constitutional changes to the system, might be a little too late for LRD, already struggling with a moribund economy. Realistically, the chances for real change is near zero now, with the current Clown Prince and his White Monkeys hanging on no matter the collateral damage. Everyone can see their unrepentant arrogance even in their hour of need. Such an attitude does not bode well for any positive change from within. LOL.

    That’s why the siblings have “hinted” that they are giving Sin-poreans a great opportunity for positive structural change here, but really they are not politicians themselves and they also do not have the answers. The ball is just thrown into the court to see if any other teams picks it up and change the nature of the game hopefully for the betterment of LRD. LOL.

    The current entrenched system built for an old-industrial age has failed LRD. It worked in the past but it is NOT working now. Even if by some miracle, it is able to proof that the siblings were accomplished liars and fabricated ALL their evidence, the fact remains that IF they had to go to such lengths to get their own papa’s will enforced, that already tells you such a system is NOT working (even for INSIDERS! LOL.) Therefore, it will fail again and again because it has no avenue for feedback or improvements in a rapidly changing world. Just ask yourselves, if it doesn’t even work for the children of the great man, how is it going to work for you or your children? LOL. Good Luck to all.
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    if a COI is imminent, let they people suggest who to sit on the bench. -- for one, its desirable to have Inderjit Singh.
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    he getting contradicting now.... forget to take medicine....
    your sibling's called for debate in parliment, you said is improper and irresponsible, but why you raised this issue in parliment since this is a family matter, only you can do it and not other...bcoz you are big big F.....
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    Very fish that LKY would let his daughter LWL stay in the house as long as she wants and yet initially bequest the house to LHL. His instructions were that should LWL moved out, then the house be demolished. So in effect, LKY never wanted LHL to have actual ownership of the physical house. LHL must had realised that, clearly not happy and hence off-load the house "for show" to LWL/LHY. Then he authorized a committee to override his father's instructions. Isn't this more likely the case, than he claiming that LKY's will was changed by this siblings' influence?
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    Justice Pao
    How can you expect the PM to disband the Ministerial Committee when it is quite obvious that the PAP wants to preserve the house at all costs? So who really stand to gain from it? It is all about power and control. This is the name of the game.
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    Enough said ! Both sides claim they hold out the olive branch, yet the other hand still shooting machine gun. Both side claim their story is true. Then, how ? Please go to the courts and follow law. Cronyism and MIW chut blocking patterns is nothing new:- 30% already know about it a long time ago and 70% speechlessly sweep it under the carpet. LHY and LWL benefitted from cronyism but now on the receiving end of the MIW 'fixing' treatment. Ex-Pre Ong TC and Devan Nair also kenna becos they speak out against MIW. Nothing new either. Hash and re-hash this grandfather story. Take it to the courts to settle la and stop wasting people's time.