PM Lee recounts father's changing views on 38 Oxley Road

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    Welcome to the House of Pariah Men🤗
    Watch the greatest show on earth - that never was😏
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    Zakariah Ortton baharum not the places to listen your family problem.
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    Chiu Kong lampa song song
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    Hmm... Maybe WP should be in charge of the committee. Since all other MPs are under the same ruling party.
    That would be the most impartial thing to do. LOL
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    Whitewashing complete ! But great miscalculation by LHL ! Now his 70% staunch supporters will also erode. Flimsy argument ! Renovate doesn't mean cannot demolish. Son should respect his father's last wishes. As eldest son, he should have preserved peace in family and not sold to LHY. If want to preserve, why sell to LHY and tuah him ? Benefit financially is irrelevant- house is your family's do what you want with it after demolishing .. that is if you want to demolish it. Don't do the Nassim-Jade-donate-to-charity-wayang, it is like Pontius Pilate washing his hands. Now, his bro and sis question government integrity, why cannot sue to defend good governance ? Francis Seow, Rogerng, JB all can sue but bros and sis with 'false accusation' cannot sue. Isn't this a form of favouritism and cronyism ? Why never follow Party policies ? Miscalculation on massive scale.. jiatlat.. why as a PM cannot forsee I don't know..
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    “My father then wanted to leave the decision to his children. But we told him that only he could decide,” the prime minister added. - In front of his father he said nothin and now that he is gone, this guy changes his tune! What a snake!
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    Now he is defaming his own father in parliament. Since when has LKY been not of strong mind? Since when has he ever dithered here or there and flip flop in his thinking? This is the damnest he has done to his father's reputation. Even to the last few days of his life he has always been lucid and clear in his thinking. This is really a dishonourable son.
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    The more I hear him whine, the more I feel repulsive toward the entire pap... sibei dulan!
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    “My father then wanted to leave the decision to his children. But we told him that only he could decide,” ....................... (and he did on the last will)
    "... elder Lee even made his case in person to the Cabinet members, “but the Ministers were unanimous in expressing their opposition to knocking the house down”. .............................
    so, who were & still are interfering in the family house ????????
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    when the dishonorable son & his ching ready to leave the dynasty, remember, DONT leave with the HUGE COOKIES JAR. -- leave it to the relevant authority.