PM Lee’s wife apologises for Facebook post

(Photo: Reuters)

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching apologised on Monday for posting a photo which people assumed was a response to the online feud between him and his sister Lee Wei Ling.

On Sunday afternoon, the same day that PM Lee took to Facebook to refute accusations from his sister about abusing his power and forming a political dynasty, Ho’s Facebook profile featured a photo of a monkey making a rude gesture.

People who saw the public post on her Facebook profile re-shared the post. It was also picked up by local parody page SGAG.

(Photo: SGAG)

The photo was removed sometime on Sunday afternoon. Ho explained on Monday at 12pm, “Had been playing around with Twitter [yesterday], trying out different buttons, seeing what can or cannot be done.

“Discovered Twitter reposts pictures without captions, and unfortunately one of the pictures could be misunderstood on its own.”

She added, “There are enough troubles in the world. Far from adding oil to fires, I would prefer we try to solve and resolve problems, among friends, within families and between neighbours.”

The prime minister’s sister made headlines across the city state after she publicly expressed objection to several commemorative activities to mark the one year death anniversary of her father and Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.