PNP clarifies restrictions in issuance of spot reports to media



MANILA, Philippines — The media plays a huge role in providing the public the truth about what’s happening in the society especially now that the government has a controversial campaign against illegal drugs.

Members of the media usually get the information they need from the spot reports or blotters of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Based on the standard rules and procedures of the PNP dated February 18, 2014, members of the media are not allowed to get a copy of a spot report of crime that is still under investigation.

This is especially true when the involved individual’s are minors and women. Examples of these are the cases involving the deaths of Kian delos Santos, Reynaldo de Guzman, and several others.

The PNP reasoned there are important information in the spot report that would compromise the case.

The police said the media can still have the information they need through the press releases and statements of officials.

“When it’s an ongoing investigation we will give you the updates we will not keep it. When something new comes out we will give to the public through the members of the media. So that’s for balance. We are being transparent, open and at the end of the day, we are not violating the standard procedures,” said PNP PIO PCSupt. Dionardo Carlos.

However, the PNP admits some cops are just giving copies of spot reports to members of the media as they are too lazy to write a press release.

According to the PNP, policemen who gives copies of spot reports to members of the media will face punishment.

“Others do not want to compose a PR. Others are being too accommodating. With the agreement that this is only for reference purposes and you will not post it on social media or anywhere else,” Carlos said.

The police official, meanwhile, said the refusal of the President to give copies of case folders to the Commission on Human Rights is a different issue.

He said they will continue to cooperate with other agencies to shed light on the alleged cases of extra judicial killings in the country. – Mon Jocson | UNTV News and Rescue

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