PNP warns public vs ‘termite gang’

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MANILA — The Philippine National Police (PNP) warns the public against thieves tagged as the “termite gang”.

The PNP said the “termite gang” commonly breaks into commercial and private establishments by digging a tunnel into the shops.

The Philippine National Police advices the public to be observant of their surroundings and stay alert.

Pansinin nyo na po yung mga nasa paligid nyo as early as now kung may mga bagong lipat mga bagong mukha bagong nagrenta sa katabing unit o bahay. Tignan nyo ang drainage system nyo. Do a 360 degree inspection of your establishment (Be observant of your surroundings if there are new faces in your neighborhood, new tenants in the house next to yours. Check your drainage system. Do a 360-degree inspection of your establishment),” PNP PIO chief PSSupt. Dionardo Carlos said.

The PNP also reminds the public who will be leaving their houses for a vacation.

Make sure that doors and windows are locked. As much as possible, double the locks. Set up an alarm system or a CCTV camera. Placing a dog will also help. Refrain from posting a notice outside the house saying there are no people inside the house. Ask a trusted neighbor to check on your house.

The PNP also reminds people to be cautious when posting destinations on social media. Thieves usually get information from social media.

“They get information via the internet that nobody is in the house. They see all our posts. We say we are checking in at NAIA 3 going to Boracay,” said PSupt. Elmer Cereno from PNP Police Relations Group.

For police assistance, text or call the PNP through hotline numbers 0917-847-5757 or 117. — Grace Casin | UNTV News & Rescue

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