New PNPA cadets undergo intense physical training

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MANILA — New Philippine National Police Academy cadets underwent intense physical activity early yesterday in Silang, Cavite as part of the oath taking and reception rites of the PNPA class 2021.

About 350 students enter this year’s Bachelor of Science in public safety or BSPS class 2021. One of them is Rock Dela Rosa, the son of PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa. This delights the PNPA.

PNPA Director Randolf Delfin says the school will not give special treatment to rock.

“We should be always be fair to anyone it is not good when there are different treatments. Let us always remember that this is an academy. So cadets are treated equally. There’s no such thing as special treatment,” said PCSupt. Delfin.

General Delfin says it is possible that rock would want to follow General Dela Rosa’s career path in being a PNP Official.

“It’s possible that he will follow his father’s footsteps because his father started from this,” said PCSupt. Delfin.

It can be noted that Rock has been inspired to become part of the police force after being part of Kuya Daniel Razon’s movie “Isang Araw Ikatlong Yugto” where rock played the role of the young General Dela Rosa.

The new cadets will undergo four processes. These are reception, incorporation, recognition and graduation. — UNTV News & Rescue

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