Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire speculation bingo

Kuanyi Twang

What better way is there to speculate on what’s coming in the new Pokemon games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire than with a good ol’ bingo card?

For those of you who’ve never played bingo, here’s how it works: When Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are released in November, check this card and circle the panels containing speculations that actually come true.

If you get five in a row, you win! You don’t really win anything, aside from the chance to shout “Bingo!” but it’ll still feel pretty good.


Here’s an explanation of the 25 different slots:

A new diving mechanic

Diving was tedious and confusing in the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Diving will probably still be in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire because it’s such a big part of the storyline, but it’ll probably be more refined than before.

Probability: 50%

(See: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 3DS remake finally announced for November 2014)

Pokemon ability changes

Game Freak’s buff-and-nerf method of choice: some Pokemon are going to get crazy abilities, while some will get their broken abilities nerfed, or simply taken away from them.

Probability: 90%

Mega Salamence

Because, why only Garchomp?

Probability: 70%

A new type of Friend Safari

There may be an entirely new way to get hidden ability Pokemon. Let’s hope it’s not as crazy as the dream world. Ew.

Probability: 70%

More roaming legends

Please, just no Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres again. I have four of each.

Probability: 90%

Stat changes

In Pokemon X and Y, some Pokemon like Butterfree got minor stat buffs. We might be seeing more in Pokemon get the same treatment in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Probability: 50%

New gym puzzles

I’m doubtful that the gym puzzles in this game will be the same as they were in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire; they may be redone entirely to match the 3D graphics.

Probability: 80%


Never forget the frustration you felt trying to solve this gym puzzle as a child.

Pokemon contests version two

Pokemon contests may return with elements from the promotional video system in X and Y.

Probability: 60%

(See: 16 types of people playing Pokemon right now)

The exact same Elite Four

The Elite Four in Heart Gold and Soul Silver were the same as they were in the original, so it’s probable that we’ll see the Hoenn Elite Four get the same treatment.

Probability: 50%

Pokeblocks return

You might even be able to feed them to your Pokemon in Pokemon Amie.

Probability: 50%

Walking Pokemon

This one’s a bit of a long shot, but Heart Gold and Soul Silver had this feature which we all loved, so maybe this remake will too?

Probability: 30%


Easier Effort Value training

With every generation, Effort Value (EV) training has become less and less tedious. I remember taking up to two hours EV-training a single Pokemon, even with Pokerus and all the right equipment. Now it’s a walk in the park with super training and horde battles.

Probability: 40%

Easier breeding

Likewise to the multiple changes to EV training over the years, breeding just keeps getting easier, most recently thanks to the Destiny Knot item.

Probability: 40%

No more sky battles

This is actually just wishful thinking on my part. Sky battles were dumb and pointless.

Probability: 50%

Castform won’t be useless

Maybe it’ll get a mega form, or an alternate form like Keldeo and Shaymin. But I’m willing to bet the little weather puppet is going to get some major changes.

Probability: 50%

Weather changes

Nerf or buff, I don’t know. But the way weather works may be changed somewhat. It happens every version, and Hoenn is the original weather region so we’ll probably see something big.

Probability: 40%


Move tutors

Past versions always added move tutors who will teach Pokemon game-breaking moves needed to turn the metagame upside down. Close Combat Medicham?

Probability: 99% (Close Combat Medicham probability: 10%)

Secret bases return

I absolutely loved building secret bases in the original Ruby and Sapphire, so here’s hoping they are made even more awesome in this version. Maybe your friends will be able to enter your base via wi-fi!

Probability: 75%

Some new stupid battle style

Sea battles where you’ll only be allowed to use aquatic Pokemon? Random move battles? Game Freak has been adding silly novelty battle formats like inverse battles for awhile now, so we may be seeing some weird or just plain stupid battle style in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Probability: 60%

(See: How do your favorite childhood Pokemon stand up in competitive battling today?)

Move changes

Psycho Cut needs a buff so hard. Dark Void needs a nerf so bad.

Probability: 70%

Raincoats or Umbrellas

Character customization will probably return, and in line with the Ruby and Sapphire story, raincoats or umbrellas seem apt.

Probability: 30%


Heart Gold and Soul Silver starter mega forms

Maybe they’ll be given to you early in the game, similar to how you get to receive the Gen 1 starters in X and Y.

Probability: 40%

Mega Rayquaza

Mega Kyogre and Groudon have all but been confirmed on the box art, which means Rayquaza probably won’t be left out of the equation.

(See: Pokemon X & Y: The game you dreamed of as a kid arrives after you’re no longer one)

Probability: 75%

Mega Metagross

Metagross has been a competitive favorite for years, and he got nerfed pretty hard in X and Y. Is he being set up for a next gen comeback?

Probability: 50%

Keep this bingo card in mind, and remember to check back in November when Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are released!

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