Poland exposes Russian spy ring


Poland’s special services are investigating the activities of a spy network operating on Russia’s behalf in the European Union, Polish outlet Onet reported on March 28, citing Jacek Dobrzynski, a spokesman for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services.

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According to Dobrzynski, law enforcement conducted searches in Warsaw and Tychy, conducting a joint investigation with several European security services, including partners from Czechia.

"As a result, activities aimed at organizing pro-Russian initiatives and media campaigns in EU countries were documented," Poland’s Internal Security Agency said in a statement.

The spy ring’s goal was to weaken Poland's position on the international stage, and to discredit Ukraine and EU institutions.

According to the investigation, the perpetrators launched website, on which the they published articles, statements, comments, and interviews that echoed pro-Kremlin propaganda.

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The special services added that the case is connected with an investigation "during which evidence was collected against a Polish citizen suspected of spying for the Russian special services." Back then, a Polish court established that the man was financed by Russian intelligence employees to spread propaganda and carry out political provocations. The goal was to build Russian spheres of influence in Europe, the report says.

On March 27, Poland’s military counterintelligence service has initiated a probe into Eurocorps Commander Gen. Jaroslaw Gromadzinski, prompting his dismissal from the position.

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Gromadzinski took up his post as the commander of the Eurocorps in June 2023. Before this appointment, he served as an advisor to the Chief of the General Staff in Poland.

Recently, he also worked with the international Security Assistance Group — Ukraine in Wiesbaden, where, alongside U.S. military personnel, he was responsible for the training of Ukrainian troops.

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