Polestar Precept prototype officially shown for the first time

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Polestar just published its first image of a prototype Precept sedan, and while it’s not anywhere near a finished state, the photo gives us a preview of what we’ll be seeing eventually.

It would be lovely if Polestar could simply produce the Precept Concept (shown in the gallery below) as it stands, but it’s simply not possible. The biggest difference that stands out to us is the inclusion of a full B-pillar in between the front and rear doors — you know, safety. There’s no pillar whatsoever in the Precept Concept, which helps tremendously in making the side view appear smooth and seamless. This pre-production photo shows a clear and thick B-pillar, the likes of which you’d see on most production sedans.

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The above said, Polestar is retaining several other styling elements on the side of the Precept. We can see the distinctive lower door sculpting is carried over, and so are the flush, electric door handles. Polestar also gave us a look at the rear fender, and it looks similar to the concept. The defined portion extends out from the rear door and into the fender, giving the appearance of extra-wide fenders.

Lastly, we’ll point out the wheels. The rear wheel looks unfinished, but the front wheel looks like it could be a production design that’d ultimately make it to the finished car. It has some nice silver and bright accents with a black-painted inner. However, neither wheel seen here looks like those found on the concept car.

This photo is paired with an announcement from Polestar stating that it’s growing its R&D team (doubling it in the UK). Polestar promises the Precept will reach production before 2025.

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