Police arrest two in Bangsar poultry seller assault


KUALA LUMPUR: Police had arrested two men for allegedly assaulting a wet market poultry seller near the Bangsar Village bus station on Apr 9.

Police said they managed to track down a 26-year-old man in Ops Cantas conducted by the Brickfields Crime Investigation Department on Tuesday at an eatery in Lucky Garden.

The arrest was made after the victim’s son lodged a police report a day after the incident.

Brickfields district police chief Assistant Commissioner Sharul Othman Mansor said the man was arrested under Section 147 of the Penal Code for rioting.

Following the arrest, a 25-year-old man was also arrested and has been remanded until tomorrow under Section 117 for abetting.

“The first man admitted that he had met with the victim on Tuesday at the wet market to question him on his intention of pointing a mutton knife and uttering rough words against his wife and mother-in-law.

“Both parties then agreed to lodge a police report at the Bangsar police booth.

“While on the way to the booth, suspect’s cousin suddenly charged at the victim near the bus station. The man said, he and several others tried to stop his cousin,” Sharul said in a statement today.

The victim, Jayakurmaran Samikannu, 67, is now warded at University Malaya Medical Centre.

Meanwhile, Jayakumaran’s daughter, Sharimilee posted about the incident on her Facebook page today.

She said the assault had resulted in her father to lose his vision on his right eye due to severe rupture to the eye globe and that he is currently at risk of having his eye removed should there be more complications.

In her post, she claimed that prior to the incident, her father was approached by a woman, who was operating a newly opened restaurant in Bangsar, requesting him to sell her poultry for a much lower price than what he pays to his suppliers.

When he refused, the woman was angered and apparently came back with her daughter who made the same demand.

“When my father asked them to leave the stall, the daughter started provoking my father by throwing meat, a meat hook, weighing scale and everything within her reach, at him.

“She further started physically abusing him by throwing punches and even snatched and threw his mobile phone to the ground when he tried calling for help.

“My father refused to fight back and told her that he will be going to the police station to report the incident,” she said in her post.

Sharimilee added her father was attacked by five men who had apparently followed him and attacked him at the bus stop when he was making his way to the police booth to make a report.

She had urged the witnesses of this incident to come forward and help with investigations.