Police Department Threatens Criminals With 'Stranger Things' Spoilers

The truth may be stranger than “Stranger Things.”

A Michigan police department believes it has found a surefire way to deter people from a life of crime.

Spoiler alert: it involves “Stranger Things.” Well, actually, “Stranger Things” spoilers.

The East Lansing Police Department posted a tweet on Sunday that threatened to reveal key plot points for the hit Netflix series’ second season. 

The possibility of a jail cell covered with spoilers had at least one Twitter user contemplatinggetting arrested to verify the tweet,according to The Detroit News.

Sadly, a Lansing police official told the paper the tweet was just a joke.

That didn’t stop Twitter from weighing in: 

However, at least one person pointed out that the spoiler deterrent threat meant little in an era when entire seasons are posted all at once.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.