Police detain technician in missing RM80,000 case

Zarina Abdullah

BESUT: Police have arrested a 28-year-old technician of a company in Jerteh to assist with investigation into a missing money case.

It was learned that the technician’s had earlier lodged a report on the loss of RM80,000 in cash.

District police chief Superintendent Mohd Zamri Mohd Rowi said the suspect from Rumah Murah Alor Lintang here was picked up for further questioning.

Zamri said according to the technician, the company owner had earlier asked him to cash a company's cheque worth RM100,000 at one of the banks in town at around 11am.

The money was meant for the company’s employees’ salary.

"The suspect had transferred RM20,000 into an account as instructed by his employer, while the remaining RM80,000 was placed inside a sling bag and left in a car," he added.

The suspect then claimed to have run some errands and settling several bills before returning to the car.

It was then he discovered the back door of the car was ajar.

"Further checks showed that the sling bag containing money was missing. He then lodged a report at the Jerteh police station," he said

Zamri said that the man's statement appeared dubious and suspecting something amiss, police took the man into custody several hours after he lodged the report.

He added a remand order against the suspect will be obtained soon to complete the probe.