Police officer steps in to save otters crossing Orchard Road: Video

Smooth-coated otters are no strangers to the bustling urban landscape of Singapore.

Their adaptability is evident as they navigate through unexpected settings, including schools and hospitals, to reach their destination.

In a heartwarming scene captured on Sunday (Sep. 17), a video showcased a remarkable family of around 10 otters as they braved the hectic Orchard Road, just outside Plaza Singapura and near the Istana. The otters’ journey was not without challenges – as they left behind glistening wet paw prints on the pedestrian pavement, they had to deal with passing cars in order to cross the road.

Amid the unforgiving traffic, the otters found themselves huddled at the roadside, with no vehicles showing any signs of slowing down. That’s when a hero arrived in the form of a police officer.

Approaching the timid otters, the officer clapped his hands gently, encouraging the squeaky mammals to press on with their quest. Taking position behind a makeshift barricade, he skillfully used hand signals to bring the traffic to a halt, ensuring oncoming cars respected the otters’ passage.

A testament to the power of compassion and cooperation, one car driver followed the officer’s instructions without hesitation, providing a safe pathway for the otters to cross to the other side.

After the video went viral, we would like to join in the chorus of praise for the officer, as we expect nothing less from Singapore’s otter-ities.