Police refute article that claimed report of underage sex was ignored

Photo: Yahoo News

An online article claiming that the police did not take action when a girl reported underage sex is false, the police say. The police are seeking information about the contributor of the article which was posted on the “All Singapore Stuff” website.

A police statement on Wednesday (1 March 2017) said they were aware of the article titled “Underaged girl tormented by ex-BF in school, report to police futile”.

“The police would like to clarify that the article and allegations against the Singapore Police Force are untrue,” the statement said. “A police report has been lodged by a member of the public, whose identity is believed to have been misused as the contributor of the article. The police have requested ‘All Singapore Stuff’ to furnish information on the contributor of the article.”

The statement added: “The police take a serious view of any allegations against its officers and will investigate each case thoroughly. However, if the allegations are found to be false, the police will not hesitate to take action against the persons involved, in accordance with the law.”