Police searching for snatch thief caught on video

Over the weekend, a 69-year-old woman walking through the neighborhood streets of Bukit Antarabangsa in Kajang was attacked by a snatch thief, who grabbed at her necklace while riding by on a motorbike.

Police received a call from the victim’s nephew, who told them that the crime happened in front of his house.

Nearby CCTV footage captured the incident, where the victim, wearing a saree, can be seen crossing a residential street. Halfway, a man on a motorcycle quickly zips past, and rips a gold necklace from her body.

The force of the attack caused the older woman to lose balance, and fall on the road face first, causing injuries to her head and face. The value of the necklace was reportedly RM1,200 (US$300).

Authorities are compiling local CCTV footage to try to trace the identity of the thief, and are also asking eyewitnesses to come forward with any information they may have that can help investigators.

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