Police took action against 55 persons from Merlion Park protest: Iswaran

·Nurul Azliah Aripin
A river taxi sails past the Merlion on the waterfront of the financial district in Singapore

Police have taken action against 55 persons who took part in a protest held at Merlion Park in May, Home Affairs Second Minister S Iswaran said in Parliament on Tuesday.

He did not specify what action had been taken against the protest participants, but he did say that foreigners who conduct such activities would be dealt with, including “termination of their work passes”.

Authorities are also looking into action against four other people from the protest, said Iswaran, who described the event as “illegal” as it had not been approved.

The Merlion Park protest happened on 8 May, three days after the Malaysian general elections took place.

The protesters had decried alleged fraud in the May 5 election, which saw the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional continue its 56-year reign of the country after winning a simple majority of parliament seats though losing the popular vote.

Police earlier arrested 21 Malaysians over the protest and authorities have rebuffed appeals to grant them leniency.

In response to queries by Zaqy Muhammad, Member of Parliament for Chua Chu Kang group representation constituency, Iswaran also said that foreigners should not “import” their domestic politics into Singapore as it would “disturb public order”.

Touching on the same subject, non-constituency Member of Parliament Lina Chiam asked if foreign politicians were allowed to campaign in the city-state.

Iswaran replied by saying that it is “disallowed” and that the ministry is “categorical about it”.

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