Police won’t take further action over ex-NMP Calvin Cheng’s online comments

File photo of ex-NMP Calvin Cheng

The police have decided not to take further action against former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng over his online comments that prompted an opposition member to file a police report against him on grounds of sedition.

On 17 November last year, Cheng posted comments on Facebook that seemed to urge the killing the children of terrorists “in case they grow up to take revenge”.

In a Facebook post on 16 December, the People’s Power Party said one of its members had filed a police report against Cheng, saying that he had “gravely threatened Singapore’s security” with his comments.

Cheng, who was responding to a Facebook thread when he made the comments, later clarified that he was referring to child soldiers who were being trained as terrorists.

In a letter to Cheng dated last Wednesday (5 October), the police said, “All investigations and enquiries into the matter would cease and the case will be closed.”

In an email to Yahoo Singapore on Monday (10 October), Cheng slammed the “reprehensible” and “extremely childish” behaviour of opposition activists and politicians for using police reports as “political tools” against MPs and “other pro-establishment people”.

“This is a waste of police resources and should be stopped…It is a win-win for them, but it must be stopped. If the police/AGC (Attorney-General’s Chambers) acts against us, they claim victory. If they don’t, they claim double standards and use to score political points,” Cheng said.