POLL: Who's your pick as the top newsmaker of 2020?

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SINGAPORE — It has been a year out of the ordinary, to put it very mildly.

A raging pandemic across the globe in 2020 has caused much gloom and disruption, but there were many more key events that could also have deep impact and consequences in the coming years, such as the United States presidential elections, the race protests across America and – looking closer to home – Singapore’s general election.

Amid all these momentous events, who has been your top newsmaker of 2020? Was it Donald Trump, who had a major influence in so many facets of life in 2020? Was it George Floyd, whose name stirred up plenty of soul-searching on race and equality? Or was it Pritam Singh, whose political astuteness came to the front as his opposition party broke new grounds at the Singapore general election?

Take our poll to tell us who your most memorable newsmaker is:

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