How to get polymer in Palworld

 Palworld Polymer screenshot.
Palworld Polymer screenshot.

Palword is Pokémon meets guns. Everyone is saying it, but it's true! Mix in a lot of Craftopia, Pocket Pair's last game, and you have Palworld.

Along the way, you'll discover cute abominations, gun-totting bandits, and resources to forge your own path and destiny within this world. Some of these resources are a lot harder to find than others, especially coal!

How to get Polymer

Palworld Polymer screenshot
Palworld Polymer screenshot

There are only two methods for obtaining Polymer in the game. The first and most reliable method is farming High-Quality Pal Oil. This substance is taken from mid to late-game Pals found worldwide. To obtain this substance, players should check out our full-fledged, High-Quality Pal Oil guide!

A quick summary is to hunt down and eliminate or capture these three pals:

  • Mammorest - The big green elephants found in the starting area of the game. If you're strong enough, they drop 16 High-Quality Pal Oil upon defeat or capture.

  • Digtoise - These large tortoise-like creatures can be found up in the northern desert area.

  • Dumund - Another Pal of the desert. These guys are worth less, only dropping 2 High-Quality Pal Oil each.

Palworld screenshot of a flying Pal
Palworld screenshot of a flying Pal

The second method for obtaining Polymer, is to farm Jetragon. This robust level 50 Pal is found in the nother western portion of the map.

Since Jetragon takes a whole hour or more to spawn back after killing, this method is the least reliable way, but one players could use in a pinch to get more if they're already more than leveled for the fight.

What is Polymer used for?

Palworld Polymer screenshot
Palworld Polymer screenshot

Polymer is used to craft high-end items for Pals and players alike. Mainly used in the production of weaponry in the late game, Polymer was used in shotguns, rocket launchers, and the all-powerful assault rifle.

Here's a list of weapons that use Polymer:

  • Assault Rifle

  • Decal Gun Set

  • Homing Sphere Launcher

  • Rocket Launcher

  • Double-barreled Shotgon

  • Punp-action Shotgun

  • Single-shot Rifle

  • Hyper Grappling Gun

  • Scatter Sphere Launcher

List of other items Polymer is used to craft:

  • Circuit Board

  • Electric Furnace

  • Traffic Control Set

  • Emergency Exit Sign

  • Refrigerator

  • Grizzbolt Minigun

  • Relaxaurus Missle Launcher

How to craft Polymer?

Palworld Polymer screenshot
Palworld Polymer screenshot

To craft Polymer, players must first reach level 28 to unlock the Production Assembly Line. This, and the Production Assembly Line II, are the only items that can craft Polymer.

Each Polymer cost 2 High-Quality Pal Oil to craft. Making each Mammorest kill worth 8 Polymer. This means you're more than halfway to an Assault Rifle with one kill!