Pop, lock and dock it: Equanimity arrives in Langkawi

Malaysia’s most well-known yacht, formerly known as Jho Low’s floating monstrosity and current government property, Equanimity, has taken a short trip up the Straits of Melaka from it’s base in Port Klang to the resort island of Langkawi.

Yes, duty-free alcohol isn’t the only thing Langkawi has going on this week, it’s also the temporary home of the 92-meter yacht, currently docked at the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Region Three headquarters jetty in Bukit Malut.

Allegedly purchased by Low with funds pilfered from the 1MDB financial scandal, it has been in the possession of Malaysian authorities since being released by the United States Department of Justice in Bali earlier this year. A High Court ruling decreed that the yacht belonged to the Malaysian government after its registered owner was a no-show in court to claim the boat.

Two smaller navy boats accompanied the super-yacht as it traveled north, arriving without incident at 10:35am Wednesday.

Authorities have not revealed why the boat is docked on the island, nor how long it will stay there.

Would-be buyers have until November 28 to place their bids, and if you’re interested, you’ll need to put down an RM 4.2million (US$1 million) deposit. Chump change, when you consider that the luxury vessel is valued at over RM1.42 billion (US$250 million).

Enjoy the superior beaches to Port Klang, Equanimity!

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