Pop Star Aryana Sayeed expresses concern on basic rights of Afghan women

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New Delhi, Aug 24 (ANI): Afghanistan's famous pop star, Aryana Sayeed said that she is worried for the women in the war-torn country. She asserted that the women are not given the basic rights under Taliban’s control. Sayeed fled Afghanistan after the country was taken over by Taliban. She said, “I feel great that I’m out of country right now but my heart goes out to millions of people left behind in Afghanistan, especially women. What they went through 20 years ago was unbelievable and now we're back to the same point where we were”. I'm worried for women who'll be stuck inside houses and they're not going to be given their basic rights like going out on road, they've to have a male with them and they can't go to school. If Afghanistan is left in hands of Taliban, there's no future for Afghan women.

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