Pope Francis calls climate change ‘a road to death’

Pope Francis remarked that climate change is “a road to death” and has gotten to a “point of no return” during an interview aired Monday evening.

“Unfortunately, we have gotten to a point of no return. It’s sad, but that’s what it is. Global warming is a serious problem,” Francis said in a “CBS Evening News” interview with Norah O’Donnell. “Climate change at this moment is a road to death.”

Francis said countries with the highest fossil fuel emissions are the greatest contributor’s to the world’s climate problems, urging action and brushing off the promised progress from international climate treaties.

“They are the countries that can make the most difference, given their industry and all, aren’t they? But it is very difficult to create an awareness of this,” he said. “They hold a conference, everybody is in agreement, they all sign, and then bye-bye. But we have to be very clear, global warming is alarming.”

The pope has repeatedly warned world leaders over the threat of climate change. Last year, he said the U.S. is “irresponsible” due to its excess carbon emissions.

“We can state that a broad change in the irresponsible lifestyle connected with the Western model would have a significant long-term impact,” he said in October.

He also planned to address the COP28 climate conference in Dubai last year, but he had to cancel due to health concerns.

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