Pope tells women to feel free to breastfeed in church

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    Robert A
    Such a good man. He's trying to restore some faith in the church.
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    You know there's a Republican, Trump voter somewhere upset about this. Why else is this news?
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    Joshua M
    There is a holier way to do it i.e. let the mother go ahead or go to a more private room and breast feed her child there... not on the eyes of the public especially from men that just took the Eucharist a.k.a. Holy Communion...
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    This is WRONG. In what way does this promote modesty for a woman (something which is advocated in Scriptures)? Promoting sexual ambivalence, by encouraging females to exert their rights at the expense of man's weakness is asking for trouble. Do not behave as though all is perfect when all is not. When you promote a condition that taunts, be prepared for backlashes and disgrace. Seriously, dumb instruction.
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    One woman breastfeeding her baby is hardly competition for all those babes exposing it ALL anywhere and everywhere.
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    Good for him! This is an amazing poem my a British girl on this topic. I can't recommend it highly enough:

    Embarrassed by Hollie McNish

    Embarrassed || Spoken Word by @holliepoetry
    2014 Solo Tour: http://www.kililive.com/artists/hollie-mcnish Supported by Arts Council England I wrote this poem in a public toilet after my 6 month old bab...