Popular James Bond Car Aston Martin DB5 Up for Auction this August

Cherryl Anne Cruz

Don’t look now, James Bond fans (and their closeted versions): an Aston Martin DB5, one of the most popular cars in the James Bond films, is now up for grabs at an auction to be held at RM Sotheby’s Auction House from August 15-17.

The ‘Silver Birch’ 1965 Aston Martin became a coveted vehicle during its time, mainly because it contained all those cool gadgets that James Bond used to fend off his enemies in the movies. It was a one-of-a-kind vehicle, mainly because no one had it except James Bond.

And yes, even if the car had been replaced by other cooler vehicles over the years, nothing can replace the Aston Martin DB5 as one of the pioneers of cool-vehicle gadgetry. The car includes 13 modifications made for the movie, such as the tire slashers on the wheel hub, bulletproof rear screen that can be raised and lowered, and a .30 Browning caliber machine gun housed in each fender.


What’s more, the iconic telephone in the driver’s side door, plus those intriguing hidden weapon compartments are also said to be present in the vehicle.


This particular  Aston Martin DB5 had only three private owners over the course of its life. If you’re a die-hard James Bond fan, then it’s certainly one cool vehicle you should add on top of your list–assuming, of course, that you have a couple of extra million dollars on hand. It’s estimated to fetch hefty numbers–somewhere between USD4 million to USD6 million (PHP206 million to PHP309 million) at the auction house this August.

Note, however, that the car really wasn’t in any Bond films. Still, it is actually one of the two DB5s that were used to help promote the film  “Thunderball.”

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