Porsche Design Sport unveils new gear for spring/summer 2014

Porsche Design Sport and Adidas have just unveiled their spring/summer 2014 collection, featuring a range of gear for golf, Nordic walking, and running for men and women.

While the brand just launched a line of gym gear for women for this autumn, women can now expect golf and running outfits in the new line, including hooded wind-proof jackets, sneakers, gym bags, and sporty caps. For men, a new category called Elements focuses on breathable, ultra-comfortable clothing for hiking and trail running, as well as the new Easy Trail Sneaker.

Both men and women can check out a wind and waterproof Reversible Jacket. Worn with the silver side out, the jacket reflects sunlight and UV radiation for hot weather, while the black side out absorbs sun and UV to warm you up.

Also, the women's Functional Long Jacket is made from technical three-layer woven cotton and promises to be 100 percent water and windproof.

Colors for the season include pink and green for women and blue and orange for men.