Porsche issues stop sale order on used vehicles with Sport Chrono Package

Jeremy Korzeniewski
·2-min read

Every once in a while, automakers are forced to issue what's known as a stop sale on vehicles in their fleets or sitting on dealership sales floors and lots. It's usually either a safety- or emissions-related issue that causes the sales pause, and it's almost always for brand-new, never-before-sold cars and trucks. According to Business Insider, then, Porsche's current stop sale on vehicles equipped with its high-end Sport Chrono Package is rather odd.

Not only is the stop sale issued for older cars, it spreads across the automaker's entire lineup. It includes certain 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera models equipped with Sport Chrono built between 2012 and 2016. That's a huge range of highly disparate vehicles with wildly different powertrain setups. Apparently, in the most highly strung Sport Plus mode, some of these older Porsche models emit too much nitrogen oxide, which means they aren't legal to sell in the United States.

We don't know how long this stop sale will remain in effect, but it's already been awhile since it was first issued in November 2020. A spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that Porsche is "testing every model derivative" to figure out which of these cars is actually affected and will therefore need reprogramming.

"To be clear," the spokesperson added, "our dealer partners are buying all used Porsche cars as they usually would, and the cars in customers' possession remains safe to drive — what the dealers have paused is selling the specific cars in their inventory affected by this until the software on these cars can be updated."

The issue does not affect Porsche's current model line, but it's unclear when buyers looking for a used car equipped with the Sport Chrono Package will once again be able to buy direct from the automaker.

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