Power Ministry Asks State Govts To Utilise Unallocated Power of CGS Only To Meet Power Requirement of Their Own Consumers

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It has been brought to the notice of Ministry of Power that some States are not supplying power to their consumers and imposing load shedding. At the same time, they are also selling power in the power exchange at high price. As per the guidelines for allocation of power, 15% power from the Central Generating Stations (CGS) are kept under “unallocated power” which is allocated by the Central Government to the needy States to meet the requirement of power of the consumers.

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The responsibility to supply power to the consumers is of the distribution companies and they should first serve their consumers who have the right to receive 24x7 power. Thus, the distribution companies should not sell the power in the power exchange and starve their own consumers. Coal Crisis Worsens in India As Number of Plants With Less Than 4-Day Stock Rises to 70.

The States have therefore been requested to use the unallocated power for supplying electricity to the consumers of the State. In case of surplus power, the States have been requested to intimate to the Government of India so that this power can be reallocated to other needy State.

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In case any state is found that they are not serving their consumers and selling power in the power exchanges at higher rate, the unallocated power of such states shall be withdrawn and allocated to other needy states.

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