Powerful Video Shows 'Hero' High School Coach Hugging and Disarming Student with Gun


In a powerful moment shot caught CCTV camera, a high school coach in Oregon, US, skillfully disarmed an student with a shot-gun and made sure no casualties occurred.

The incident occurred in May when a student, armed with a shotgun, entered a classroom in Parkrose High School in Portland. According to reports, the student's intention was to shoot himself. However, the quick and compassionate thinking of the school's football and track coach Keanon Lowe prevented a potential tragedy.

In the video, the student, identified as Angel Granados-Diaz, can be seen walking a hallway inside the school with the gun in his hand. He followed coach Lowe into a classroom and within an instant, students can be seen running out of the class.

Initial reports in May had said that the high-school coach had "tackled" the student to disarm him. However, recently released surveillance footage shows that the coach did not tackle the armed student but hugged him and reasoned with him to drop the weapon.

The video went viral on social media for all the right reasons. Many on Twitter observed that the way coach Lowe handled the tough situation should be lesson in deescalation for police officers and tactical response teams. The minute-long clip is a testament to the power of love and compassion.

Some also felt that the situation could have played out a lot more tragically had cops been the first ones to spot Granados-Diaz with a gun instead of the coach. Questions were also raised on US's controversial gun-ownership laws.

"In that time, I felt compassion for him," CNN had reported Lowe as saying, "A lot of times, especially when you're young, you don't realize what you're doing until it's over." As per the report, Granados-Diaz had spoken of suicide to other students before the incident.

Granadaoz-Diaz pleaded to being guilty for possessing an illegal firearm. He has been sentenced to three years of probation.