Prank goes wrong when 'hantu pocong' meets policeman


ALOR STAR: A prankster all wrapped up as a ‘hantu pocong’ and ready to scare children heading home after Quran classes, failed in his mission when he bumped into a policeman on duty. The 16-year-old boy with three other friends, had set out with the intention to scare children but apparently they found none. “We went around on two motorcycles looking for children with the intention to scare them but when we found no potential victims in the village, we decided to head to Taman Pinang Jaya instead,” the teenager said when met. A video of the incident, which took place on Friday, has since gone viral. It would seem that social media users were amused by the fact that a policeman had caught a hantu pocong.

The teenager and his friends regretted their actions and said they will not do it again. Pic by SHARUL HAFIZ ZAM

The policeman had punished the teen, ordering the boy to jump like a hantu pocong for 15 minutes. He released them after advising the boys to make better use of their time than to go around scaring the neighbourhood children. The teenager has since admitted that he and his friends have regretted their action. “We will remember this for the rest of our lives. What the policeman said was true, we could have caused danger and trouble to others. “We are very sorry and we will not do it again,” he said. Meanwhile, Kota Setar district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Rozi Jidin, when contacted confirmed the case. He said the boys were acting mischievous and had no intention to commit theft or serious crime. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd