This prehistoric survival game is full of critters - including a giant turtle

 Towers of Aghasba
Towers of Aghasba

We just got our first look at an upcoming prehistoric survival game called Towers of Aghasba, and it is absolutely teeming with critters.

As revealed during the PlayStation Showcase on May 24, Dreamlit Entertainment is currently working on Towers of Aghasba for PS5. It looks like the game is some kind of city builder/survival game but with plenty of ancient creatures to go around - including a giant turtle.

We didn't get a firm release date this time around, although we did find out that Towers of Aghasba is set to release sometime in 2024.

According to the game's first trailer, the footage we're seeing of Towers of Aghasba is actually "a work in progress of early Beta gameplay," meaning a lot could change with the game between now and 2024. Hopefully, this means for the better as the game already looks incredibly impressive.

Our first glimpse of Towers of Aghasba is actually a little spooky as the world around our protagonist looks pretty desolate and is inhabited by a bunch of giant dismembered hands. Things do start to look a little more optimistic though around the halfway mark as we get our first look at the building mechanic in the game and watch as the characters bring life back to Aghasba.

This game looks so unique and full of the most imaginative creatures I've ever seen, so I can't wait to play Towers of Aghasba when it eventually releases next year.

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