Preorder SpendEdge’s Building Construction Market Procurement Intelligence Report to Know About the Best Procurement Strategies That Will Help You to Achieve Risk-free Procurement Despite the Current Market Uncertainties

SpendEdge, a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced the availability of its Global Building construction Market Procurement Intelligence Report for preorder. This report will serve as a one-stop reference guide for buyers to make informed and cost-optimized procurement decisions in the Building construction market.

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Global Building construction Market Procurement Intelligence Report (Graphic: Business Wire)

The stark shortage of labor will be one of the imposing challenges in the building construction market as the COVID 19 pandemic is taking its toll on the labor force that is the backbone of the building construction market. Service providers will struggle with this depreciating labor force which will skyrocket their employee expenses. In the light of this situation, this procurement intelligence report on the current building construction market has enlisted the top procurement strategies, the leading service providers, and negotiation strategies that will aid buyers to achieve a cost-optimized and a risk-free procurement despite the prevailing uncertainties in the market.

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What will you gain from this report?

  • Detailed analysis of the supply market that will influence procurement decisions in the building construction market

Apart from the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, factors such as macroeconomic uncertainty and stringent immigration laws will result in the gradual shrinkage of the workforce in the market. Such obstacles will motivate domestic workers in the developed nations to pursue less cyclical employment opportunities while foreign workers will be compelled to return to their home countries owing to the tough immigration laws and economic conditions. This, in turn, will force service providers to increase their compensation for the existing workforce.

  • Insights into best procurement strategies functional for effective procurement in the building construction market

Buyers are advised to invest in benchmarking studies. These studies will furnish valuable insights into the dynamics of the pricing structures in this market. These are based on job roles and functions that allow them to not only save costs but also negotiate better with service providers.

  • Potential risks during procurement in the building construction market

Construction projects are susceptible to various political and regulatory risks depending on the project lifecycle stage. Delay in getting construction permits, non-renewal of licenses at the end of a contract, community opposition during the planning and construction phases, expropriation and changes to asset-specific regulations, and tightening decommissioning requirements are some of the commonly-faced risks in the building construction market. It is imperative for buyers to factor in these potential risks while including clauses in contracts with service providers.

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Answer to some of the critical questions that are critical to explore procurement opportunities in this market

  • What is the expected spend growth rate in the building construction market?
  • How much should buyers pay to procure in the building construction market and what are the factors that will influence procurement price in this market?
  • Who are the top building construction service providers and what are their cost structures?

Your procurement strategy is about to get a new direction in the building construction market. Find out how.

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