President Clinton and Robert De Niro Joke About Trump at Alec Baldwin Roast

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Former President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance on Spike TV’s roast of Alec Baldwin — One Night Only: Alec Baldwin. Most of the night was filled with Baldwin’s family, friends, and co-stars taking shots at the renowned actor. But it was inevitable that Donald Trump would be roasted too, especially when President Clinton took the stage.

President Clinton started by saying that his appearance was a surprise, but he wasn’t sure if Alec would be that excited about it. “Tonight he’s stuck with a boring former president trapped in the reality-based world,” Clinton said. “I wouldn’t know an alternative fact if it hit me in the face.” The 42nd president of the United States then talked about how Baldwin ran for student body president while attending George Washington University. Clinton joked that Baldwin took the “then-classic path from politics into soap operas. … And now that we know it works the other way around — you need to think about running again. You’ll probably win the next time.”

President Clinton wasn’t the only one making Trump jokes. Robert De Niro was impressed by Baldwin’s Trump impression. De Niro said, “Since the presidential campaign, Alec’s career has gone through the roof. Finding new fame playing an old, sad, embittered, volatile, crazy man. He also does a great Trump impression.”

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